Thursday, 17 January 2013

Random turned to massive philosophical idea about the web

I have no idea what this post is about or anything. I haven't been on here for quite a while because basically... I cant use it. Maybe if my blog looked pretty or something I would have more motivation to do posts. But no body looks on my blog. I use Tumblr much more, and I finally reached 4,000 followers on Instagram. Its weird because I've had Instagram for 3 years, but only started posting the stuff I do now about 2 months ago. So I went from 400 followers to 4,000 in 2/3 months. Its crazy! I love all my followers on any website a unconditional amount. Safe to say I have more or less no followers on all other things as I do compared to on Instagram. I think the web is a wonderful thing. I cant imagine growing up with out it. Even when I was younger, and Piczo, Bebo and MySpace was all the range, its the fact it was still there. Pushing the boundaries of modern society. I remember when we first got internet, AOL. It was such a hassle sorting it all out, and my lord was it slow. But I was addicted. There was different popular sites. I remember Piczo was my first, and I might even have to say my favourite. It was amazing, you made your own website and not like Tumblr or this or anything. From scratch.. No themes or anything. You had a blank white screen and a creative 10 or 11 year old mind and crazy ideas for URLS such as PwincessAbby-x or PoisonKissesxo. But this generation, we are the generation that started it all off. And I for one am proud of it.