Sunday, 27 October 2013

H&M Jersey Dress

I literally never wear dresses, like ever. I have only ever had one in my wardrobe and its been there since 2008. Obviously extremely short now, and rather old and decaying. Blue and flowery too may I just add! Then I popped one on again for Prom in 2012. Understandably a much more dressy one! 

But recently I took the plunge and purchased a new dress from H&M. I adore this shop, more or less half my wardrobe is H&M. Its affordable but good quality and I love all their designs and styles. 

At a mere £.799 I couldnt really say no! Its perfect for dressing up for parties and meals as the sheer bit is not too low down that its revealing but it adds that extra ooofmt! Its also great for casual wear with winter boots and a scarf and coat. I plan on purchasing it in another colour when I head to H&M next as I just love this dress! 

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Origins Drink Up Intensive overnight mask and full Origins review

In my opinion, this mask is the best thing since sliced bread. Whilst suffering with extremely dry, and I mean dry. Please check other blog posts about my acne progress to actually see the pain it was! This mask was my saviour. I knew I needed something hydrating, what gave my skin that extra care it needed. For a smaller bottle its £10.00 and is the best tenner I have ever spent. Such a good price for a marvellous product. 

Applied after cleansing just like a normal moisturiser and my skin felt instantly replenished. It also smells really nice too which is such a bonus. The vital moisture this puts back into your skin is visible from the first time its used. And just gets better with every time. Not meant to be used everyday (I did when I had terrible dryness though) I now apply it roughly about 3/4 a week. 

The consistency is just a slight bit thicker than a normal moisturiser.

I purchased a lot of Origins products after this and they ALL really helped my struggle with spots. All products are natural and made from no grubby chemicals. I managed to splurge on a new normal moisturiser, the Make A Difference Plus + £34.00 which is brilliant for dry skin. You get such a big pot too so the price may seem daunting but for the amount you get and the quality of the product this is unreal. 

"This rejuvenating moisturiser fortified with Nature's Rose of Jericho plus a Lychee and Watermelon hydra-sustain complex quenches deep to help add moisture to dry, dehydrated skin.
Instantly help boost skin's moisture to help keep it hydrated and rejuvenated all day."

I also picked up their Super Spot Remover £14.00. Which helps fight off pesty spots before they fully form. Apply a small amount to the end of a cotton ????? (TOTALLY FORGOT WHAT THEY ARE CALLED) And it calms redness and protects the area, preventing bacteria from spreading. Apply this to certain areas AFTER moisturiser. 

I hope this helped if you're looking for a new skin care brand. I cant thank Origins enough for their help with their wonderful products. All the staff are super lovely and I was treated to free samples, free consultations and gifs. I haven't been in touch with Origins - these are my own views. 

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Big skin news.

No one cares probably but I have come off my acne medication due to my own choice. I would rather have spots than my skin when I was on them evil things.

  1. Things started positive. I was really excited. I noticed my skin getting really dry and bumped my moisturiser to a 'very dry'
  2. I started to realise my make up never seemed to 'sit right' My foundation looked dry and clinged to my skin and kept coming off really easily and soaked into every single pore I had! Big no no and was getting me down SO bad.
  3. My spots were getting so much worse and this made it extremely hard. My make up didn't go right which kept me with the little self confidence I had, without this, what could I do? Combined with horrible skin and even more spots I was getting to the end of my tether.
  4. SORE. Sore everything! Sore eyes and lips were a major major problem. All the skin around my mouth had cracked and my lips were swollen and dry and sore. I remember eating a meal once and leaving half because my lips were BURNING. 
  5. I felt sick every time I ate and had spurts of feeling like throwing up
All these factors added together equalled a VERY unhappy me. I was out shopping and literally broke down and I decided to take matters into my own hands and to make myself happy to end the bloody things! Guys I know, tablets DO give you side effects but these were super bad. I dealt with them for long enough and I couldn't deal anymore. The doctor said if I had ANY side effects to come off them or tell her. 

Since, I have started to use Origins. This brand is my saviour. Its saved my life. I will do a post soon all about this magical brand and my skin hasnt looked this good for me for so so long.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Looking for a BIG make up bag?

This little beauty, or should I say big beauty? Is from Primark. Im pretty much certain this was £3.50 and it legit fits more or less ALL my make up in it. Every brush, every palette and compact. Every round pesty MAC compact. EVERYTHING. I totally recommend it for anyone on the look for a make up bag what fits everything in it. Its great for travelling as it fits in toiletries and brushes too!