Saturday, 27 July 2013

M.A.C Mineralise Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle

After hearing this being raved about on Youtube, blogs and Instagram I thought I would try this wonderful product. I've had it for a while now (3/4 months or so) and yes, it definitely is AMAZING. The price is £22.00, yes quite alot if you're not used to splurging on high end, expensive make up.But to me, this is a reasonable price for a wonder highlighter/bronzer what will probably last me at last 3 years! So far I've not seen it go down even a small bit and I use it more or less every day give or take a few days. 

Mac offer a range or 'colours' in the skin-finishes and Soft and Gentle is the most popular one and I can totally see why! I'm really pale (NW10 in mac and Porcelain in everything else) And this still really suits my skin tone. But it would also look gorgeous with a tan. 

It can be used anywhere on the body but I add some to the heights of my cheek bones and my nose to give a thinning effect. Its such a perfect highlighter and works really really well too. Its SO pigmented which I love. 

Its colour is a beautiful peachy bronze.

This is a MUST HAVE ITEM in my books and I recommend it to no end! 

Friday, 26 July 2013

Mini LUSH haul

On my recent trip to Lincoln (My favourite city ever!)I bought just a few things from LUSH (My favourite shop ever!) I am one massive LUSH addict and this isn't really alot for me to get whilst there! 

1) The Comforter (£4.25)
2) Think Pink (£2.50)
3) Blackberry Bath Bomb (£2.95)

The big pink one at the top is a bubble bar called 'The Comforter' and its my LUSH holy grail product! If any of you have ever tried the Bubblegum lip scrub or the special limited edition Snow Fairy shower gel at christmas you will recognise the ace smell. Also similar to the egg bath bombs at easter!

The second smaller item is the Think Pink bath bomb and probably my favourite bath bomb from LUSH. It has a smaller price of £2.50 and admit-tingly is smaller than some bombs but lets out just as much colour and amazing smells. It makes your bath a lovely mixture between pale and bright pink (if that makes sense) just a basic pink colour. But again, it smells fantastic. This product is something I will always come back too.

And finally the last is the Blackberry Bath Bomb and this is £2.95. Slightly bigger than Think Pink but smaller than the £3.20 bombs. This turns your bath into an amazing purple colour and has a surprise in the middle. 

If you have never visited LUSH before because you're bamboozled when walking in, just try something! Its much simpler to get a grasp on what items do what once you've used a LUSH product before and they are certainly worth the money. Plus they are 'home-made' and against animal cruelty. 

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Rimmel Match Perfection foundation review

 After using drugstore makeup in my early teens I steered towards more high end products when I was 15/16/17. I've been using MAC foundation for a good 2 years now but recently switched back to drugstore foundation after suffering from Acne. I wanted to see if the MAC foundation was breaking me out, as I never really got spots before using it. Makes sense huh?
 I picked up the lightest colour which was Light Porcelain and it certainly lives up to its name. Its super light and perfect for the whitest skin tone, like mine! It already comes with a pump which I like also. 
 The foundation itself is rather runny. Something I have not been used to for a while. It feels rather thin as you apply it and you can see this from the minute you press some out of the pump. This was a huge change for me as the MAC Studio Fix foundation I have worn for ages is the heaviest coverage ever, which I like - because of my spots. A cruel circle I admit. I apply two coats of the foundation to give me a medium even full coverage effect. Applying one layer would give a lovely light effect and I would only apply one layer if my skin was better or I felt more comfortable in it.

Match Perfection - Studio Fix in NW10. Here is a comparison of the colour in the Rimmel and MAC and the shade of the MAC is PERFECT for me and with the Rimmel more or less matching it I was stoked! 

Anyhow, I plan on using this foundation for at least another two weeks to see how I get on with it, but I genuinely do recommend it to ANYONE who is after a new foundation! It is wonderful applied with a powder over the top as it can look abit shiny once applied, plus that makes it last longer. Try Rimmel Stay Matte or MAC Mineralise Skinfinish natural!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Tips for a cosier/cute room!

Im sure everyone has gone through ALOT of room changes, myself included. Ive had bright pink, light pink, light green, all kinds of brown, cream and white of course. I LOVE white walls for rooms as they are a perfect base for personal decoration.

As seen here -

Personal decoration doesn't take much. I've had photos up on my wall for 3 or 4 years now and have never considered taking them down! Its a lovely personal touch. I have printed these out from one of the self service printers you can find in Max Spielmann and some supermarkets. Size 6x4 and simply stuck onto my wall with white tac. The only problem is they always come un stuck and I am forever pushing them back on! Oh well eh

Feature walls make your room look cosier but not too much smaller. Either wallpaper or a different colour make a feature wall. Have a look around your room, see which wall needs a little something. You'll easily figure it out! I admit my wallpaper is a little wacky (I dont know what I was thinking :P) 

Your bed is an important step to a fully cosier room! There are a range of things you can customise to hang over your bed. Myself have chose 2 sheets of voile to hang over mine. I got them from Ikea and are hung from my wall end to where my bed ends. At both sides there is a rod secured to my ceiling and I've simply but the material onto the rod. Really simple!

Fairy lights are an essential! Battery operated ones work wonders and I swear by them! 

And of course, beautiful cosy pillows and covers. Get as many as you want and wack them onto your bed! You can never have too many fluffy pillows and blankets!

Then add extra things to your room - photo frames, plants, perfume bottles, candles, bunting, rugs etc. Whilst shopping find  the smaller shops and rummage around in there. Sometimes you come across some beautiful shops what specialise in home decor. Usually quite small inside and rather cramped? You know you're in the right place!

Good luck xxxxxx

Monday, 8 July 2013

I was lucky enough to be able to grab some of the make up from Rihanna's full collection from MAC. Alot of things sold out super quick even when I went to look, half an hour into being up! This collection is so popular its actually unreal. I'm not a massive fan of Rihanna but this collection is just perfection <3

I didn't pick up too much, only two items.
RiRi Boy lipstick and the Hibicius Kiss Blush/Bronzer Duo.
The lipstick was the same price as the normal MAC ones which is good (£14 when I ordered) and the Duo was £20.00 which I think is really good! 
I love how they have RiRi imprinted onto the actual product. They're both so gorgeous. RiRi Boy is more or less Up The Amp but Matte. I was so excited when they came through the post!

I recommend any thing from this collection when it comes back in stock again and I for one will keep an eye out for Heaux!

Friday, 5 July 2013

Collection (2000) Lasting Colour Lipsticks

I have adored Collection's (Previously Collection 2000) make up for ages now. Its all amazing stuff and really cheap too! I like splurging on make up, and brands such as MUA I find such terrible quality. But Collection is really amazing stuff! 
These lipsticks are award winning and I can totally see why! 
They also include SPF15 (added bonus!)
They are super pigmented and the finish is somewhat similar to M.A.C's amplified/satin finishes. Just wonderful, bright, colourful, smooth lipsticks.

 Bubblegum - Ruby Red - Pink Shock - Sweet Tart - Orange Punch

At £2.99 these are affordable and excellent quality. Luckily enough for me, I visited a place where these lipsticks were made a couple of years ago and all the people were so lovely. It was super clean, excellent conditions and it installed a good deal of trust within me that this brand was good quality and trustworthy.

Bubblegum - Ruby Red - Pink Shock - Sweet Tart - Orange Punch

They're all such beautiful colours on the lips. As MAC lipsticks have now gone up another £1.00 (thats £15.00 in the UK now!) I will definitely take another look at these and think about purchasing some more colours! 

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

My M.A.C make up collection

When I look at my MAC make up I get a little sad because I did actually used to have more than what I have now. I did a programme called BACK2MAC and that quote is on every MAC package when you open it up. Ever wondered what that means? From the MAC website.... 

'Because we share your commitment to the environment, M·A·C accepts returns of its primary packaging through the Back to M·A·C Program' The basic rule is that if you take back 6 empty products they will give you a free lipstick from the normal collections, so not the Nicki Minaj ones for example. But it's such a good deal! I had 3 empty foundation bottles and 3 empty fix+ sprays and getting a new lipstick to me sounded like a very nice idea. 

So anyway, before I babble on any further. I'm not going to talk through all of the products because that would take me ages! If you maybe like to see some single reviews, then let me know?

The two grey bottles are Fix+ sprays. I swear by these!
Both foundations (One in box, one not) are Studio Fix in NW10
Vanilla pigment 
Pro Longwear concealer in NC15
Nail lacquer in Saint Germain
Mineralise Skin Finish Natural in Light
Mineralise Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle - Amazing!
Blush in Stay Pretty
Blacktrack Fluid Line gel eyeliner
Eyeshadow in Expresso
Powder Blush from Rihanna's summer collection
Brush Cleanser.
Lipsticks - Saint Germain, Ruby Woo, Snob, Up The Amp, Creme Cup, RiRi Boy, Captive.

My M.A.C lipstick collection

Been wanting to make some kind of post like this for a while and I feel my collection is 'big' enough to finally do one! Yay. sell their lipsticks at £14.00 in the UK, and I think they're around $15 in the US (Thats what it says on the .com website) People have different opinions on M.A.C stuff, personally, I love it. And a full make up collection will come soon! They are pricey, even I will admit that. But they're worth it if you are into makeup. Truthfully, if you aren't really into make up that much, there is so many dupes in the drugstores just like them and so much cheaper. But I enjoy make up, and I like to spend the money on it. 

From left to right: Saint Germain, Ruby Woo, Snob,Up The Amp, Creme Cup, RiRi Boy, Captive.

Yes, I admit my collection doesn't have that much of a colour range but I LOVE all these colours. 

Saint Germain - Such a BRIGHT BARBIE PINK. Quite hard to wear I personally think. But its such a pretty colour! It was the first lipstick I ever bought from M.A.C and I think I will always love this colour. Amplified finish. 

Ruby Woo - The MOST DRYING LIPSTICK EVER. Personally, I prefer some other red lipsticks I have compared to this only because the actual colour is a bright red, and I like berry reds. Its a matte finish and I mean a VERY MATTE finish. 

Snob - One of my all time favourites. Such a lovely pink shade. Its not as bright as SG but not pale either. Its just the perfect pink colour! Nice for every day wear also. Satin finish.

Up The Amp - Actually got this colour from a BACK2MAC I did. Its a wonderful plum purple. Really hard to wear but I adore it so much. Admittedly I haven't wore it out yet sadly. I need to be more brave! Purple lippy's sound scary but this is beautiful.Amplified finish. 

Creme Cup - A pinky nude shade whats perfect for any occasion. I like this because on me once I've had it on for a couple of hours it looks like a coral colour and its perfect. Nudes do not suit everyone so try out some testers. You don't want to look washed out. This has more colour in it that say Myth by M.A.C so its a lovely nude to chose! Cremesheen finish.

RiRi Boy - Very similar to Up The Amp but a Matte finish, also limited edition.

Captive - My newest one and already one of my favourites. As I said before I love the more dark red, plum red colours. And this is just perfect! Satin finish.

How to organise your make up

So many people on Instagram always always always are asking me. Where did you get your white shelf from? How are your nail varnishes held? So...

Ikea is a wonderful place to get things to put your make up in and browse the net! That is the best place to go in search for cute and funky little make up holders. Stationary holders work wonderfully. I admit, I have a small pen holder from Wilkinsons as a make up brush holder! (As you can see in the photo)

My nail varnishes are stored in a acrylic holder from amazon - something like this and I would recommend it so much! All size bottles fit in including the new hyped about 'Sinful colours' Which is a bonus! The other storage where some of my make up is in is also from amazon - something like this Admittedly I need more storage space! MUJI have the most brilliant and affordable storage ideas and I will soon be purchasing some! Wilkinson's have some really small and cheap holders too! The clear draws you can see at the edge of the photo is from Wilkinsons, from the Bathroom section! Use your creativity. If you think it will come into use, BUY IT, because no body will know its not actually for make up!