Thursday, 19 December 2013

Recent products I am enjoying using

Im sure we all get it, using the same products day in day out, and then you notice that theres a few gems  what start to pop up more regularly than others. Well here are my items I have been reaching for more over the past couple of weeks!

So of course my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer is in there. I just can't stop using this baby! I know the blogging community adores this concealer, as do I. 

Also the other day I picked up the Wake Me Up concealer for under my eyes. The only problem for this I find is that its too dark for me and is the lightest shade. Yes it does make my eyes look bright but it doesn't really give me that highlighted look. I probably wouldn't purchase again.

MAC pro longwear concealer has always been in my make up bag. This is my 3rd bottle, I had been ignoring it for a while whilst discovering the collection one. But I LOVE putting this around my chin where my scarring is BEFORE my foundation as it gives me a perfect skin look.

I used to think this eyeko eyeliner was rubbish but it is actually AMAZING. I just line my upper lash line to give my lashes a fuller look.

The They're Real Mascara has been getting a lot of use recently to give my lashes a full look to compliment my recent use of eyeshadows.

Everyone and their grandmother knows about the Colour Tattoos but as a favour a brown smokey eye I LOVE putting the On and On Bronze colour on before my eyeshadow to make the colours stronger and last longer. 

This little eyeshadow palette is from Maybelline and I purchased it in Autumn after getting a sort of Autumn colours bug. Listen, the white colour in this is the best inner corner highlighter ever. Its SO PIGMENTED and my eyes always look so bright and alive. I really cannot recommend it enough.

And lastly this little pot of joy. The Max Factor Creamy Blush, so small but SO good. This gives my cheeks such a beautiful pink healthy glow which looks very natural over powder blushes.