Sunday, 16 March 2014

In the world of skin...

A few blog posts ago, many months back, I made a little known fact that my acne medication was majorly playing with my skin. Hopeful I was, sadly the two topic creams and tablets didn't work.
Then Origins came along, and BAM - my skin cleared up! It was smooth, I didn't wake up with breakouts for a good two months. Sadly, my skin is back in the, excuse my french, shitter. Everyday I wake up with more and more spots. And they are cystic. Not the white heads you can easily deal with. They're both red, angry cystic bumps under my skin. Mainly around my jaw, chin and mouth similar to before I went on meds.

Doing some research about cysts around your chin (only where I get them) I read up its hormonal. A week past and I booked another doctors appointment hopefully going now with something in mind I want, some hormone balances! I also read that diary (mainly milk) can break you out. SO, I am cutting milk out of my diet for a while, and trying soya and almond instead.

I don't know how every things going to go but again, I can only hope for the best.