Monday, 30 September 2013

Recent new beauty buys!

It happens every week. I waste time before I go to work looking round shops and ending up spending money I really should save!


I had my eyes on the new RT miracle complexion sponge for a while now and after seeing it in my local boots for a measly £5.99 I took the plunge and bought it! I am super excited to try it.

I also picked up another Colour Tattoo in the shade 'Permanent Taupe' I already have the shade On and On Bronze and that is shimmery and I LOVE this colour as its more or a matte shade. Perfect for a base. It is rather dark though so only a perfect base under a dark eye. 

Now the Loreal Lumi Magique Primer, I stood and debated with myself whether to get this or not. I know £10.00 is not THAT expensive but for me, a drugstore primer should be a little cheaper. But I also took the plunge with this and got it and I love it so far! It adds a dewy look under your base but its better as a highlighter! 

Now the foundation was supposed to be for christmas but my mum actually gave it me early! Haha, anyone elses parents do this?:P
I havent tried it yet but IM SUPER EXCITED, I've wanted this for SO long.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

My week through photos #3

1. Stocking up on stationary 2. Chocolate splurge :P 3. Sticky Toffee Waffle pudding mmmmm! 4. Eye make up 5. New make up buys before work ooopsy. 6. Sticky Toffee muffins. 7. Sticky toffee creamy cooler. Can you guys tell I like toffee? 8. New Nails Inc mix and max colours. 9. My room!

Im sorry I havent posted a lot recently I have not much spare time and I have no idea what to post guys! Do you have any ideas?

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

MUA palettes, affordable make up

Mua palettes are my new staple. After realising I own like no eyeshadows and wanting to simply experiment I knew MUA eyeshadow would be a great way for me to start. At an affordable £4.00 these palettes are great value. 

The top one is a dupe for the Urban Decay naked palette and its called 'Undressed' and the below is called 'Heaven and Earth' Some colours are pretty similar but all different in their own way! For the affordable price, they are super pigmented and I use them everyday to create my neutral eye!

They do many more colours if you're into more bright shades, and its really super quality. I recommend these so much!


Friday, 13 September 2013

My week through photos #2

1. New River Island rings £4.00 (Love some midi rings) 2. The NICEST drink and muffin from Cafe Nero 3. The Little Shop in Castleton 4. Tea and Scones in my hometown 5. MacDonalds 6. Cat in Castleton what was lovely! 6. The BEST ice cream. 7. Mac Riri Boy day. 7. My favourite nail polish of all time. 

My favourite lipstick ever: M.A.C Creme Cup

Just how beautiful is this lipstick though? Its my holy grail colour and my favourite throughout my WHOLE lipstick collection. MAC's creme cup is already a VERY popular shade and I know full well why. Its a cremesheen formula and and as the name suggests its super creamy. Which I love! Matte lipsticks are nice and have super staying power but this formula is the one! 

The colour is what I would call a coral pink/nude. Some people say its nude but I'd say more coral. I really REALLY recommend this colour for anyone on the look out for an every day lipstick colour. 

Saturday, 7 September 2013

My only babylips and why I am not getting anymore

I have three Babylips and my my my it's the packaging I love the most!
A lot of people think it looks cheap and child like but I do not agree :P

I went mad on these at first, but after applying the Hydrate one religiously I realised it was making my lips DRY and SORE. Kinda like vaseline does. I don't think these products are actually beneficial for you. I love the tinted ones. Cherry Me and Pink Punch but thats about it. I will not be getting anymore of these simply for this reason.

Does anyone else agree or do you REALLY like these?

Friday, 6 September 2013

Acne medication progress: 1 week on

For the past week and 3 days I have been carrying on my acne medication. So far I have not recognised a difference  and my I didn't expect too this early! But talk about side effects!

  • Dry skin - I have never before had skin this dry, you never think its going to be bad until you have it. My skin feels so tight and I've had to bump up my moisturiser to a 'dry to very dry' skin one.
  • Flaky skin - Not very nice to mention but all around my mouth has very flaky skin now and really makes a difference to how my foundation looks. My mouth area is the worse but when I look close my skin on my cheeks and around my eyes is also suffering in this way.
  • Sore skin and eyes - Probably the worst side effect so far. When I wake up my eyes sting and are sore. When I wash my face my eyes sting. When I do my make up they sting. When I take it off and cleanse my face and apply creams, THEY STING. Its so so painful.
My skin was really red and sore and my spots even got a little worse. On Sunday I woke up and my skin looked SO much better. I felt happy with my skin for the first time in 3 months as these past couples of months my acne has got 100x worse. This better patch is simply what my skin looked like before it got proper bad. Its not even clear, spots and scars were still there but my face wasn't bright red and sore for once. Since then that hasn't lasted and my skin is slowly showing signs of getting worse again. 

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Everyday brown smokey eye

Recently I have been wearing a brown smokey eye every single day and I am just in love. I've only just gotten into eyeshadow in the past 2 months and I don't have many but this MUA palette satisfies my neutral addiction <3

1. Take a white or very light eyeshadow and apply all over lid.2. Take a light brown colour and apply from the outer corner of your eye into the center 3/4 of the way.
3. Take a darker brown and put a small amount into the crease and blend. You can build this up as much as you want. This adds definition to your eye and pulls together your look.
4. Apply some colour under your eye. 

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

MUJI draws! A great idea for make up storage!

I've been seeing these acrylic draws all over the bloody place for ages now and I've been wanting to get some now for a very long time. Finally, for once, they wasn't out of stock! I speedily ordered some and sat excited for them to arrive!

So here I have two sets of the wide draws which I think are £10.95 each. The reason I got the wide ones is because they can fit in bigger items for example, foundation. So I recommend the wide ones for sure! 

I know a lot of people have the 5 draw set which is £24.95 but it only fits like lipsticks and stuff in which isnt really great seeing as though the price is pretty high. But as you can see I can fit in a lot of items into each draw which is a god send.

They look clean and arrange your make up perfectly! I have face products in one draw, then eyes, lips and the top is random more expensive products I use regularly. For anyone looking for good make up storage ideas I recommend MUJI! 

Monday, 2 September 2013

Benefit 'They're Real!' review

I've wanted this mascara for SO long now after trying out the small trial size one what came free with a magazine! I instantly fell in love with it but couldn't justify spending SO much on one mascara! So once I noticed they were doing this 2 for 1 package with the free small one whats £9.00 anyway I decided to take the plunge! 

This mascara is good. I will give it that, but you have to be so careful with it and I find personally it clumps your lashes SO easily! I find I'm simply applying it normally and suddenly my eyelashes are all stuck together and icky :( 
But the length and impact it gives me is unreal, when going back to a different mascara I can totally tell the difference. I say definitely pick up this special package to try out, this mascara is worth a try and up there in my all time favourites.

The brush is a plastic brush with a small round end to get right to them corner lashes! Personally I don't find this useful at all. Yes its expensive and if you're not wanting to try it for the high price then I recommend my holy grail mascara.. Max Factor False Lash Effect £11.00.