Saturday, 2 February 2013

Mini haul (LUSH, Primark etc)

Went to Meadowhall today because I have a holiday off work, and i'm getting paid :)))) 6 days off a year is surprising good when you think I am only contracted to work 1 day a week. So I decided to make use of it and go shopping. There wasn't really anything I had it mind, apart from some new jeans (which I didn't end up getting) But I ended up spending £50.00 and I didn't buy one single item of clothing!

So this is abit of stuff I bought, there was more! I work at Primark and always have to do staff purchases so whenever I go to any others I always make good use of it. I spent £16.50 there and thats quite alot for me. I bought the phone case, it was only £4.00 and I had been searching for a studded case for a while, only seeing any online. And I don't have anything wrong with ordering online, but since Amazon charged me £49.00 for no reason, I've been a little weary. So I seen this and instantly knew I wanted it. I also bought a pack of earrings (I have had it some pearls for literally a year, I NEED A CHANGE!) I really like the ones in the photo so picked them up. I also bought a backcombing brush like they use in the hairdressers. 

I went into LUSH and only bought things to my surprise! I do really love LUSH, but its so overpriced :( Tried most of their bath bombs now but never had the sex bomb one, so I decided to opt for that one, and I also bought a pop in the bath to create a lovely bubbly pretty bath!

Of course you need essentials, I adore Batisse. Honestly do not know what I would do without it. My favourite is the cherry one, and I like the coconut one too! Haven't tried this one before so I thought I would. Also picked up some of my favourite max factor false lash effect mascara. Cant recommend it enough!

Ive been after some face highlighter for a while now. I try to stick to M.A.C make up, so I wanted some soft and gentle, but I got the Tophop highlighter simply because its cheaper and I may not like highlighter as I have never tried it. And I think the packaging is so cute!

Things what are not on the photo - some socks/slippers also from Primark. With little animals on (ah so cute) pants from Primark. I dont own any underwear from anywhere else! And I cant think of anything else. There probably will be some other stuff, but I have a terrible memory.

Love, me.

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