Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Current M.A.C eyeshadow palette

After getting the 15 palette for christmas I've been really enjoying filling it up. Im not too eager to finish it as I want to make sure I pick colours I really like (i.e. not cheap and not a lot of spare room) But the ones I have so far are (from top right -->)

Dazzlelight gorgeous highlight colour Naked Lunch very very pale pink with shimmer All That Glitters beige and gold shimmer Woodwinked warm brown gold Amber Lights peach brown with shimmer  Scrumptious Olive light green brown with shimmer Cranberry red plum with shimmer  Statin Taupe taupe with silver Antiqued ash brown with bronze Humid intense green with shimmer  Idol Eyes silver violet with gold Club red brown with green pearl

(Top photo no flash)


  1. I'm so desperate to start a MAC palette! All of these shades are so gorgeous :) x


  2. humid and idol eyes are gooorgeous! This makes me want to start my own mac palette, but I have so many shadows already!! Ahh!
    Great post :) you have an excellent taste in eyeshadow!