Monday, 31 December 2012

Sometimes (sometimes) having a job has its positives

Since I did LOADS of overtime at christmas. I thought I would go to Meadowhall and just treat myself. Ive always been pretty tight with money. Only buying stuff I really really liked it. But I am learning to simply buy something if I want it or like it. It wasnt too busy, although I seriously didnt think I would spend over 5 hours there. Deary me...

So, I bought some stuff from loads of shops. Topshop, River Island, LUSH, Primark, MAC, Urban Outfitters, H&M etc. I spent £24.00 in MAC, and I seriously didnt think it would come to that much! I needed some brush cleanser for my make up brushes and some concealer (pro long wear) Then in h&m I bought the 3 tops, and the lovely necklace (I seen this necklace and literally fell in love I simply had to buy it) Nail varnish from Topshop in Zodiac 101 (and also some strawberry flavoured poppets) The jewellery sale in River Island seriously was HEAVEN! Ive always preferred to buy jewellery rather than clothes and its so bad. Have like a million rings and stuff and I end up wearing the same clothes :( But anyway, Ive loved the finger top rings for ages and seen this one for £1 so I couldnt not really. I would have preferred silver though, and I also picked up a necklace with a sun on the end for £1. For £2, you really cant go wrong! 

Urban Outfitters, my baby. I lost my thumb ring ages ago, and I found it here again for half price, and the last one! It was fate. And also the other rings I ordered on Christmas Day arrived (little finger ring and another thumb rings) I have an obsession with rings if you haven't gathered. From Lush I bought a big bottle of the Eau Roma Water, because I dont go very often and I love the spray. And also the Twilight bath bomb. Its such a shame they are so expensive :(

Happy New Year! Love, me.

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