Wednesday, 3 July 2013

How to organise your make up

So many people on Instagram always always always are asking me. Where did you get your white shelf from? How are your nail varnishes held? So...

Ikea is a wonderful place to get things to put your make up in and browse the net! That is the best place to go in search for cute and funky little make up holders. Stationary holders work wonderfully. I admit, I have a small pen holder from Wilkinsons as a make up brush holder! (As you can see in the photo)

My nail varnishes are stored in a acrylic holder from amazon - something like this and I would recommend it so much! All size bottles fit in including the new hyped about 'Sinful colours' Which is a bonus! The other storage where some of my make up is in is also from amazon - something like this Admittedly I need more storage space! MUJI have the most brilliant and affordable storage ideas and I will soon be purchasing some! Wilkinson's have some really small and cheap holders too! The clear draws you can see at the edge of the photo is from Wilkinsons, from the Bathroom section! Use your creativity. If you think it will come into use, BUY IT, because no body will know its not actually for make up! 


  1. You've inspired me to go organise my make up! Definitely will be going to Wilkinsons to check some stuff out! Lovely post :)


  2. Where is your white shelf from lovely? Is it from Ikea? If so do you know what it is called on the ikea site?:')