Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Tips for a cosier/cute room!

Im sure everyone has gone through ALOT of room changes, myself included. Ive had bright pink, light pink, light green, all kinds of brown, cream and white of course. I LOVE white walls for rooms as they are a perfect base for personal decoration.

As seen here -

Personal decoration doesn't take much. I've had photos up on my wall for 3 or 4 years now and have never considered taking them down! Its a lovely personal touch. I have printed these out from one of the self service printers you can find in Max Spielmann and some supermarkets. Size 6x4 and simply stuck onto my wall with white tac. The only problem is they always come un stuck and I am forever pushing them back on! Oh well eh

Feature walls make your room look cosier but not too much smaller. Either wallpaper or a different colour make a feature wall. Have a look around your room, see which wall needs a little something. You'll easily figure it out! I admit my wallpaper is a little wacky (I dont know what I was thinking :P) 

Your bed is an important step to a fully cosier room! There are a range of things you can customise to hang over your bed. Myself have chose 2 sheets of voile to hang over mine. I got them from Ikea and are hung from my wall end to where my bed ends. At both sides there is a rod secured to my ceiling and I've simply but the material onto the rod. Really simple!

Fairy lights are an essential! Battery operated ones work wonders and I swear by them! 

And of course, beautiful cosy pillows and covers. Get as many as you want and wack them onto your bed! You can never have too many fluffy pillows and blankets!

Then add extra things to your room - photo frames, plants, perfume bottles, candles, bunting, rugs etc. Whilst shopping find  the smaller shops and rummage around in there. Sometimes you come across some beautiful shops what specialise in home decor. Usually quite small inside and rather cramped? You know you're in the right place!

Good luck xxxxxx

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  1. I love my fairy lights :) + the photos look so good! x