Wednesday, 3 July 2013

My M.A.C lipstick collection

Been wanting to make some kind of post like this for a while and I feel my collection is 'big' enough to finally do one! Yay. sell their lipsticks at £14.00 in the UK, and I think they're around $15 in the US (Thats what it says on the .com website) People have different opinions on M.A.C stuff, personally, I love it. And a full make up collection will come soon! They are pricey, even I will admit that. But they're worth it if you are into makeup. Truthfully, if you aren't really into make up that much, there is so many dupes in the drugstores just like them and so much cheaper. But I enjoy make up, and I like to spend the money on it. 

From left to right: Saint Germain, Ruby Woo, Snob,Up The Amp, Creme Cup, RiRi Boy, Captive.

Yes, I admit my collection doesn't have that much of a colour range but I LOVE all these colours. 

Saint Germain - Such a BRIGHT BARBIE PINK. Quite hard to wear I personally think. But its such a pretty colour! It was the first lipstick I ever bought from M.A.C and I think I will always love this colour. Amplified finish. 

Ruby Woo - The MOST DRYING LIPSTICK EVER. Personally, I prefer some other red lipsticks I have compared to this only because the actual colour is a bright red, and I like berry reds. Its a matte finish and I mean a VERY MATTE finish. 

Snob - One of my all time favourites. Such a lovely pink shade. Its not as bright as SG but not pale either. Its just the perfect pink colour! Nice for every day wear also. Satin finish.

Up The Amp - Actually got this colour from a BACK2MAC I did. Its a wonderful plum purple. Really hard to wear but I adore it so much. Admittedly I haven't wore it out yet sadly. I need to be more brave! Purple lippy's sound scary but this is beautiful.Amplified finish. 

Creme Cup - A pinky nude shade whats perfect for any occasion. I like this because on me once I've had it on for a couple of hours it looks like a coral colour and its perfect. Nudes do not suit everyone so try out some testers. You don't want to look washed out. This has more colour in it that say Myth by M.A.C so its a lovely nude to chose! Cremesheen finish.

RiRi Boy - Very similar to Up The Amp but a Matte finish, also limited edition.

Captive - My newest one and already one of my favourites. As I said before I love the more dark red, plum red colours. And this is just perfect! Satin finish.

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