Friday, 26 July 2013

Mini LUSH haul

On my recent trip to Lincoln (My favourite city ever!)I bought just a few things from LUSH (My favourite shop ever!) I am one massive LUSH addict and this isn't really alot for me to get whilst there! 

1) The Comforter (£4.25)
2) Think Pink (£2.50)
3) Blackberry Bath Bomb (£2.95)

The big pink one at the top is a bubble bar called 'The Comforter' and its my LUSH holy grail product! If any of you have ever tried the Bubblegum lip scrub or the special limited edition Snow Fairy shower gel at christmas you will recognise the ace smell. Also similar to the egg bath bombs at easter!

The second smaller item is the Think Pink bath bomb and probably my favourite bath bomb from LUSH. It has a smaller price of £2.50 and admit-tingly is smaller than some bombs but lets out just as much colour and amazing smells. It makes your bath a lovely mixture between pale and bright pink (if that makes sense) just a basic pink colour. But again, it smells fantastic. This product is something I will always come back too.

And finally the last is the Blackberry Bath Bomb and this is £2.95. Slightly bigger than Think Pink but smaller than the £3.20 bombs. This turns your bath into an amazing purple colour and has a surprise in the middle. 

If you have never visited LUSH before because you're bamboozled when walking in, just try something! Its much simpler to get a grasp on what items do what once you've used a LUSH product before and they are certainly worth the money. Plus they are 'home-made' and against animal cruelty. 

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