Saturday, 7 September 2013

My only babylips and why I am not getting anymore

I have three Babylips and my my my it's the packaging I love the most!
A lot of people think it looks cheap and child like but I do not agree :P

I went mad on these at first, but after applying the Hydrate one religiously I realised it was making my lips DRY and SORE. Kinda like vaseline does. I don't think these products are actually beneficial for you. I love the tinted ones. Cherry Me and Pink Punch but thats about it. I will not be getting anymore of these simply for this reason.

Does anyone else agree or do you REALLY like these?


  1. I've not used these but will be thinking twice before purchasing any.

  2. I find that they really don't do anything for treating my lips, but I continue to use 'Cherry Me' because it's a beautiful color!