Monday, 2 September 2013

Benefit 'They're Real!' review

I've wanted this mascara for SO long now after trying out the small trial size one what came free with a magazine! I instantly fell in love with it but couldn't justify spending SO much on one mascara! So once I noticed they were doing this 2 for 1 package with the free small one whats £9.00 anyway I decided to take the plunge! 

This mascara is good. I will give it that, but you have to be so careful with it and I find personally it clumps your lashes SO easily! I find I'm simply applying it normally and suddenly my eyelashes are all stuck together and icky :( 
But the length and impact it gives me is unreal, when going back to a different mascara I can totally tell the difference. I say definitely pick up this special package to try out, this mascara is worth a try and up there in my all time favourites.

The brush is a plastic brush with a small round end to get right to them corner lashes! Personally I don't find this useful at all. Yes its expensive and if you're not wanting to try it for the high price then I recommend my holy grail mascara.. Max Factor False Lash Effect £11.00.

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