Tuesday, 3 September 2013

MUJI draws! A great idea for make up storage!

I've been seeing these acrylic draws all over the bloody place for ages now and I've been wanting to get some now for a very long time. Finally, for once, they wasn't out of stock! I speedily ordered some and sat excited for them to arrive!

So here I have two sets of the wide draws which I think are £10.95 each. The reason I got the wide ones is because they can fit in bigger items for example, foundation. So I recommend the wide ones for sure! 

I know a lot of people have the 5 draw set which is £24.95 but it only fits like lipsticks and stuff in which isnt really great seeing as though the price is pretty high. But as you can see I can fit in a lot of items into each draw which is a god send.

They look clean and arrange your make up perfectly! I have face products in one draw, then eyes, lips and the top is random more expensive products I use regularly. For anyone looking for good make up storage ideas I recommend MUJI! 


  1. I need to orders these ASAP! Like you said, they are always out of stock though -_- x

  2. I think I might get some of these soon!

  3. They look great! I bought some clear containers recently, but they're not as sturdy as I would like them to be. Maybe I'll pick up one of these!