Sunday, 11 August 2013

My favourite lip products (Including new Baby Lips review) VASELINE IS BAD FOR YOUR LIPS

My top 2 favourite ever lip products are Nivea Lip Butter and the new Baby Lips. 

Nivea Lip Butter - 
 I have the caramel cream flavour and it has the most gorgeous smell ever! Literally does smell like caramel. I could sit for ages with my nose in this and just absorb the niceness. 
When you apply it to your lips its super creamy. Its really as white/cream as it looks in the tub.

So it can make your lips look covered in white lip balm. Which YES it is, but you don't want anyone to know! So you have to really rub it in. But I LOVE THIS LIP BALM. My lips feel so so so soft once I have applied this and once I have applied it and rubbed it in, it makes my lips have such a lovely shine. I really can't describe the look because its that nice.

Baby Lips - 

After looking for these beauties for like 3 weeks now seeing as though they've been floating around the UK for a while I finally found a Superdrug what stocked them! This one is the hydrating one. I also picked this one because, well its BLUE!
This balm gives the same effect on the lips as Vaseline, a very shiny hydrated look. 
VASELINE is bad for your lips! Your lips get dependant on it, and it doesn't help them at all, it makes them worse. And so you keep applying it and applying it and buy more. You see how it works? You should use a lip balm what doesn't dry out lips like Vaseline does.
 I have only tried this product once but so far I love it and is a runner up to my lip butter for sure. 

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  1. I have the exact one of both of these! I love them, perfect for applying before bed :) x