Monday, 26 August 2013

Foundations for pale skin (High end and drugstore options)

For some reason, today I got extremely annoyed at make up brands for not making foundation pale enough for people with actual white porcelain skin like mine! Ive searched and searched for a good foundation what doesnt make me look like I have rubbed wosits on my face and stills struggle. But these are the best I'v found. 

MAC STUDIO FIX FLUID in NW10. The NW bit is important as I used to think NC15 was the lightest and its NOT! Nw10 is so much paler than NC15. And is for pink cooled toned skin. Which you will have if you're pale. Its a heavy coverage what you might not like but I personally do! Its £21.00. Only problem with the Mac foundation range is that the NW10 only comes in this foundation. 

This is lighter than the MAC one. As you can tell. As far as I know this is the lightest drugstore foundation shade. They do a really good range but once again this colour only comes in THIS foundation and its not heavy enough for me! But its build able!

Revlon also do light colours I've heard.


  1. I use that exact rimmel foundation and I love it! X

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  3. I might have to check these out and see what colors they have! My problem is that I am very fair but also have a neutral-warm tone. Therefore, most warm toned foundations are too dark and the foundations that are light enough are too cool!

  4. I use the rimmel foundation in ivory! its very light and gives a matte finish but not a lot of coverage:/

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