Sunday, 4 August 2013

Everyday make up routine

Im going to try not to babble here or this will take me ages. I've added numbers to the photos instead of making this post massive with a photo for each product (sorry if its not as easy to follow!)

1. Use MAC Pro Longwear concealer (£15.50) to really mask all my spots. This concealer makes them look more or less invisible I love it! I put this on first so my foundation doesn't have as much to do. I apply it where ever I want so all around my mouth mainly.

2. Then face base. I use MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW10 (£21.50)as my foundation. It has a really high coverage which I love.

3. I then go under my eyes with Collection Lasting Perfection concealer (£4.19)to get rid of dark circles. I also go over my spots again with this.

4. Next onto eyes! Curling your lashes is MUST! I can't remember where this one is from, but its only a cheap one and works really well. Curling them before mascara really opens them up and widens your eyes. It totally makes a huge difference!

5. Mascara next. I use Max Factor False Lash Effect (£10.99) and I LOVE IT. I hardly ever don't use this mascara as its amazing and defo my holy grail product. I recommend it to everyone. Max Factor are like the gods of mascara. 

6. Next onto eyebrows. Doing them stresses me out so much! But I use MAC eyeshadow in Expresso(£12.00).Maybe a little too brown for my brows and I may try 'Charcoal brown' next? Anyone know if thats a good colour for brows? I apply this with a Barry M eyeliner brush (the blue one) 

7. I coat my brows with some Eyeko brow gel (£18.00) to set them.

8. I then contour using the Sleek palette in Face Form (£10.00)in Light. I use the contouring powder from this mainly, just underneath my cheek bones, around up to my temples and along my forehead. 

9. I use a Pro Longwear blush my MAC in Stay Pretty (£20.00) with a Real techniques Blush brush.

10. Finally, I highlight with the wonder Mac Mineralise Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle (£22.00) on my cheek bones, and down my nose.

11. I set all this with a MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Natural in Light. (£22.00)

Thats basically my everyday wear. If I'm not going anywhere I do not wear any make up but for me I feel better wearing it and I like wearing it! To some of you this might be a lot, but I'm happy with what I wear. And would have much less confidence in myself if I didn't wear this lot. So yeah. If I'm off out for the  night or whatever I add eyeshadow too! 

Hope you enjoyed this post :):)


  1. I'm incredibly envious of the MAC action going on here! x


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