Friday, 16 August 2013

Bronzed face and eyes summer look

Sure summer is starting to come to an end but there is still time to pull out a gorgeous bronzed look! 

Firstly you need your base. I firstly applied a Benefit foundation stick (the purple one) to the areas I want highlight (catch the light) under my foundation, as we're going to be using a bronzer with this look. 

Secondly, I used Rimmel Match perfection foundation in the lightest colour because I am so pale! We add colour after.
Then conceal any areas you wish (even highlight) with concealer. I used the small MAC one in NW15.

Next I contoured with Sleek Face Form Palette in Light. This adds the bronzed look to your entire face. Start at your cheek bones and go right around to your temples to slim down the outer parts of your face. Also, putting bronzer on your under chin can minimise a double chin. 

Then I added some shimmer using my beloved MAC mineralise skin finish in Soft and Gentle.This completes your bronzed goddess face base!

Next! Eyes - (or you can do this earlier, what ever takes your fancy) 

I use this palette from H&M but any brown shadows will do. 

Apply a light brown all over your lid.

Next, on your crease and the outer parts of your eye lid simply add a darker brown (but not too dark) and blend it into the previous colour. You should be able to tell a small difference in the colour.

Then, add a small amount of really dark brown (you could even use a black) to your crease and blend that in. This will exaggerate the smokey eye and really add bronzed impact.

Then you can add pigment or a white shadow to under your brow bone to lighten up your look. Applying some brown shadow to the bottom of your eyes will really pull the look together so remember to do that! You can also add some eyeliner to add more impact.

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